Landscaping dreams

When the house was finished in December, landscaping was very far from my mind. Now with the onslaught of constant paw & footprints leading the way around my house - I can't stop thinking about landscaping. 

How I want it... now. Already grown/green/lushus/splendiferous.

Here is the front of the house - it doesn't take much imagination to visualize what the rest of the exterior looks like. In total about a quarter acre of mud (I am told it is 'good topsoil' - either way it is very, very messy). I was precariously digging out a plastic bag - one foot on a sinking dust pan & 46% confidence in my balance - danger zone.
Unfortunately - for many reasons (side eye mother nature) - this landscaping business is going to be a slow process.
I have been interviewing prospective companies & each have responded remarkably well to my verison of landscaping talk "over here I want some of those light green grasses, there I want some of those minty grasses & here is where I would like the sage colored leafy plants then lots of purple, white and various golden colors". Good times.

Here are some images from local Landscape Architect Hershberger Designs.
Hopefully, somewhat soon I will have 'after' photos that will make us all smile. If only it would stop snowing.

Painting success!

It took about 4 months to do these projects. I had all the material, plenty of time - I guess I just didn't want to screw them up. And, I did, but I am still pretty proud of them!

Both were incredibly easy, and incredibly cheap. Like most things in my life, I don't have an endless amount of patience. So, when it comes to taping, planning and taking my time to paint - well it just doesn't happen. I like instant gratification.

First the antlers - no tape used, I just winged it. If you don't have antlers lying around (thanks to Sam, the hunter man who found these - and many more - while out in the great outdoors) you can actually order them online. Then get yourself some acrylic pant, some paintbrushes & go to town. The painted beauties are now on my mantle, where hopefully they won't be examined because they are FAR from perfect, but they make me happy!
The chairs were a purchase from Home Again way back in the beginning of the house building. They were a sad sad brown color, so I loosely followed this DIY. Same theory as with the antlers - little patience & instant gratification = many drip marks and gold speckle everywhere, but if you squint they look perfect!

Chandelier update (finally!)

Remember way back when I asked which chandelier you all liked better? 
It was finally delivered and installed a few weeks ago and I am just now getting around to snapping some photos of it... bad sharer - I know.
So.....what do you think?!
I also did some picture hanging on Saturday. Some of you may have saw them on instagram (username: padgetthoke)
I have no patience for measuring or planning, so I just winged it. I am tickled with the outcome.
ps - did you spot tucker's photo bomb(s)? he is precious.

Off & Away

photo by Marvin Chao

I have been a lucky travel girl lately. Just returned from La Jolla yesterday, heading to Chicago tomorrow, Charlottesville on Sunday. Phew!

La Jolla was beautiful. The picture above is from my favorite running spot - La Jolla Shores beach. Let me tell you - running on sand is far superior to running on snow. I just kept runnin' and runnin' and runnin'. Spent some amazing family time with my M&D, sister & her BF, our cousin Hannah and her husband Toby. We didn't want the weekend to end.
photo by Janelle Barry
If anyone has Chicago or Charlottesville food/activity recommendations - pass them along! I am told Lou Malnati's pizza is the best. Hopefully our tough Wyoming skin will survive the Chicago cold - it said it was going to be no higher than 30 degrees - which really means much colder with the lake? I am very concerned.

Oh, and I have added lots of new goodies to my shop If you need some new jewelry - head on over!

Target: Threshold

I am in love. Threshold at Target has my heart. I did some serious damage there this past weekend on a very very quick trip to Salt Lake City. Sam needed a suit, I needed home accessories. These are the goodies I came home with!

(Note in the photo below the beautiful pillow cover - many thanks to Carlee from Deliciously Organized for hosting a Caitlin Wilson Giveaway, that was my prize! Another huge thanks to my favorite Rachel from Raenovate - you are the best! The target find is the floor lamp...)
Head on over to Target - I may have to do some online shopping because our trip was VERY rushed, as in Sam was WAY passed his own shopping 'threshold'.
(Snow Puppy!)
Another reason for the quick trip - getting to see my sissy and her TO.DIE.FOR puppy Henry. He has quickly found his way (all 2.9 pounds of him) into everyone's heart. I may need my own.

Bathrooms: Conception to Reality

I spent so much time pondering what I should do in the bathrooms of my new house. I eventually pulled together these little concept collages for what I thought I was going to do. In the end, there were some changes made from what my concept boards showed, but overal I am so happy with how each bathroom turned out!

For the tile - I used small (2x1), medium (3x6) and large (6x12) subway tile on the walls of each bathroom, and small (1x1) and larger (2x2) hex tile in each of the showers. For the floors of the bathrooms, I ended up using Botticino Marble - which is stunning. I highly recommend it.

Master Bathroom: Concept
 Reality: The hanging pendants are clear glass domes & clearly don't photograph well!
I wasn't able to do any of the planking on the walls (a bit above my budget) and the sconces and mirrors changed a bit... But the wooden vanity in the guest bath is my favorite piece. I gave my cabinet maker a photo or two of what I wanted, and he produced this. I picked a remanent limestone slab for the top and am so happy with it. Feel free to ask any questions about materials!

Happy New Years Eve!

I realize I haven't posted in a very long time, so forgive me! Things have been crazy around here & I haven't had the time to stop in.

Hopefully next year, I will be back in regular posting action! But for now, have a very {safe} and Happy New Year! We will be celebrating at the new house in style!