My most recent Etsy purchase...

I am in love with this antique vintage message fabric pinboard that I just recieved from the Arte Bella Etsy shop. It is fabulous! Just wanted you all to see it, and go check out the shop as well as everything else that is on Etsy! Its one of my favorite places to shop because you buy straight from the artist and can probably find the most unique, handmade gifts available!

What now?!

Would anyone like one?! I got inspired and bought these crystals and then continued to embellish them with fun ribbon, but now I have 9 of them and am not sure what to do with them! So, if you have a creative idea or just want to hang them from your car rearview mirror tell me and I will get it to you!

Valentines Day Treats!

These are from a past post I did about 2 years ago, but since this week has been more than crazy busy (1. volunteering for the Special Olympics - amazing! 2. getting ready for a show I am in on Sunday selling my goodies 3. working really hard on some Real Estate deals, whoohoo, my fingers are crossed!) so, in trying not to forget about all you wonderful readers, I decided to run with an old post, but a real good and easy one!

Idea came from the lovely Lily and Co. gals when I used to work there, it's a fun way to dress up some Hersey's bars and give them to friends and coworkers for that sweet treat valentine. Creativity is your friend with these, so use some glitter, fun ribbon and paper and voila!

Please forgive me for the lack of my visits to all of your lovely sites - I promise to be back in action on Monday for a great giveaway! - so stay tuned!
The other day I was talking to my sister Liz on the phone. I told her that I was headed to Michaels because I needed to do something creative. She laughed at me and didn't quite get it. So I have been pondering a way to keep my earrings from not getting all tangeled up. I had originally put them all in their own mini plastic bags, but then I would forget that I had them. So, I got the idea of making an earring tree. At Lily and Co. we have made placecard trees a number of times so I stole that idea for my earrings! I got everything at Michaels, aside from the ribbon and glittered each branch and I had a new earring holder, hurray! See Liz, I wanted to do something creative and I did!

I decided to change the blog a little bit to make it more interesting. So, I have gathered some pictures from around my apartment and thought I would share some of my favorite things!

This old window came from one of the many antique stores in town, I put them up with some paper and ribbon and presto wall decoration!

These wreaths I snatched from a wedding this summer, they dried perfectly and now are the first thing you see as you walk the hallway into the apartment.

This was my first sewing attempt, and look a cute clutch came out of it!

My new storage boxes, which I love...