Summer time!

So I have been a very bad poster as of recently, so I have put up a few pictures capturing what I have been up to the past 2 months...

My cousins and Liz came up this past weekend and we got the privilege to eat up at the top of the gondola which was quite a treat!
We have been getting to go up to the lake, here is my friend Laura posing up at Palisades

This was a hike up Avalanche Canyon with Emily and Cara, the lake was a bit to chilly to jump in...

Em's and I were able to pick up some vases from a wedding at the top of the gondola...we get paid for this?!

This is Joey up at the lake bbq'ing up some delicious brats on this guys mega boat equipped with all the necessary and totally unnecessary toys...
This was another hike Em's and I did up Granite Canyon...again so pretty, we are oh so lucky
We had a 4th of July bbq at the house complete with a jumping show by these talented friends of mine...good thing no heads were hit or legs broken!

Resi, Kevin, Hads Emily and I went camping up at Leigh Lake and we kayaked/canoed to the was perfect except for the millions of mosquito's that attacked us immediately after stepping off the boat...yikes!