Christmas photo favorites

Blogland has been so full of amazing photos, ideas, dyi's, recipes and so on during this holiday season that I have been in a constant state of glee thinking of all the amazing things I can be doing/creating! But, favorite of all has been some of the photos of Holiday-ness... I have collected a few of my favorites from my favorite blogs! Click on the links below the photos to get a taste of some amazing-ness...thanks to all these wonderful ladies for filling my days with so much inspiration!

Still available!

Hairpins for all occasions $5.00 or 3 for $12.00
For those of you in Jackson (or if you want to pay for shipping!) I still have goodies left for Christmas gifts (or gifts for yourself!) Email me with your order and I will happily drop your gift off wherever you need - all wrapped up and ready to go! Hurry hurry before they are all gone!

{diy} wreath!

I have to admit - I am pretty proud of this one. There have been a lot of really great wreaths floating around blog land lately, and being one to love the crafts I had to get in on the action. I had been wanting to use coffee filters (mainly because they look like giant cupcake liners and that makes me happy) so I thought they would be perfect for a wreath! I took some pictures along the way - but basically I went to the dollar store, bought the coffee filters, headed to the local Stitch n' Time (as close to a 'craft' store as we have here in Jackson - hint hint Michaels) and bought a straw wreath. I took some clothing pins, a coffee filter and started pinning away. After I finished with the first layer, I flipped the wreath over and sort of haphazardly put the rest (160 to be exact) of the filters around the wreath till it was full and fab! Voila, homemade wreath! And, it truely only took about an hour and a half of watching tv and pinnin'... if you need some more explanation, just shoot me an email! But, you like?

For love & lemons

My girlfriends Laura and Gillian launched their line "For Love & Lemons" in the spring, and with their second winter line just out, I had to share! They have a new edgy look that has been picked up by various online boutiques such as "Spanish Moss Vintage"... you can also find them at their website "For Love & Lemons"... I urge you to take a look - you might just find that much needed Christmas present... and if you read their blog they are giving various discounts away leading up to Christmas! Congrats Gillian & Laura, your determination and talent are inspiring!

*Images compliments of "for love & lemons" and "spanish moss vintage"*

Creature comforts freebies!

One of my favorite sites to check is Creature Comforts... they have the most amazing posts - including a vast collection of fantastic freebies! It is so amazing the 'giving' that happens around blog land - and these are so perfect for the crafty, or not so crafty because you can use each freebie how you want to! So, go check out the freebies over at Creature Comforts they are very wonderful... oh, and they have a fun gift guide section too!

I will try and pull together other freebies like these in upcoming posts!

Happy day after your Birthday Sam!

It was Sam's birthday yesterday, and I didn't get a chance to put it on here, so Happy day after your birthday Sam!