So, I have obviously neglected the blog lately. I haven't been creative lately, hence the reason posts have been few and far between. There were a couple reasons for my absence. First, my computer took about 2 days to start, load and actually open a web page. Not very conducive for blog posting. Good thing I have a new computer and it is fabulous! Second, the holidays! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, and sadly it is over. However it gives me time to sit back and surf my favorite creative blogs! There are so many out there so I am going to try and spotlight my favorites and new ones I come across which are noteworthy. Third reason for bad blogging is that I have started working at Sotheby's International Realty as a Sales Associate. Quite a change from my jewelery making, flower delivering, catering lifestyle I had been living since May. I get to work with Becky, which is more than a treat, and have already gotten so much exposure to Jackson Hole real estate. It is exciting, new and actually keeping me rather busy! So, my attempt at explaining why I have been a poor blogger is finished. Now, to highlight my absolutely favorite blog that I read and check daily is called Tara Frey { Typing Out Loud }. I feel like Tara is talking to me in her posts, I just love her! So take a look, she is fantastic (the picture above is from her website)!