I have always been one to love ruffles, and it seems that I can find them everywhere now! I have collected a selection of some good ruffled products, I am trying to be good and not purchase lately, so these are for me to view and view only!

The ruffle curtain above is from Shabby Chic. If I had a shower that required a curtain, this would be it! I love it... light, simple and a touch of fun with the ruffles!
Found at Etsy, this $30.00 clutch has a great simple design, with the herringbone fabric, black ruffles and crystal detail. Very cute!
The ruffle pillow again from etsy is a screamin' $ bad I don't have a mansion to decorate, I could pretty much fill it with all the home goods I buy...This pillow I only looked at, not purchased (for once!).
This cute ruffle shirt was found on esty as well (here is the link to the 'store')...there are numerous, extremely talented people making some amazing things on etsy. Inspiration can be found all over the site!

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Blair said...

Oh, that pillow is adorable!