Tucker's Birthday

Well the not so small Tucker is one! His birthday was two weekends ago, we celebrated with some cupcakes and ice cream. He is a very good dog, has his moments of disobedience but all around a pretty happy go lucky pup! The pound where Sam had gotten him estimated he would not grow past about 40 pounds...well he is now about 100 pounds and very big! So much for a medium sized dog. We took him for a long cross country ski this past weekend to get out and enjoy the gorgeous Saturday. Good thing we took advantage of the weather because it is now raining and overcast...no fun!


hammer said...

cute pict padg! and are those cupcakes your creation and can i have some!!!

miss you tons

Liz Hoke said...

Oh cute! Happy Birthday Tucker! 40 lbs... he he he

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Tucker is a lovebug and so are you!! I have to blogroll you cause you are simply the coolest blogger ever...the cupcakes must have been a huge hit!!Big dogs are the best!!