{I love anthroplogie...}

It is no secret that I am captivated and in love with Anthropologie. People (ie my sister) most likely cringes when I come to visit her in SLC because she knows she is in 'store' (no pun pun intended) for a very long afternoon at the Gateway Anthropologie...I can spend hours in the store not only for the merchandise, but just to be inspired. Whomever is their head visual designer is a genius. They create the most interesting visuals throughout the store (many of which I have tried to replicate) and that brings me to these photos. I found them on Flickr in a group called "I love anthropologie" - apparently I am not the only one. This display is made with coffee filters, and I am just trying to think how I can replicate this on a smaller scale. Perhaps some cupcake liners? Anyway the pictures are very fun....thank you Chelsea Ann for the photos.