Latest creation...

I started making these brooches a while back, and finally have gotten some pictures of a few of them to show. I would like to sell them, hopefully at Lily & Co., but if anyone wants one they are so fun. They make the perfect add-on to a gift (just recently we added it onto a gift given for a baby shower)...I have been wearing them around, and they get quite a lot of attention. Let me know if there are any takers, I would love to get rid of the ever growing stack I have made!

Happy Birthday!

To my sissy Liz and my mom! Happy happy birthday to you!
{Cupcake photos from Magnolia bakery...yumm}

Fun flower ideas for Mothers day

Here are some fun ideas for mothers day flowers with a little twist thanks to Better Homes and Gardens... with a little creativity flowers can become the 'icing on the cake'. Find a gift for your mom, then figure out a way to add some pazazz with flowers! Then when the flowers are long gone, the gift remains!

Outdoor dreamin'

The weather in Jackson has just not been nice at all since returning home from vacation. It is not snowing (knock on wood) currently, but it has been raining off and on for the last week, and there is no sign it will get much better. sigh. So, in order to not go too crazy I found these gorgeous photos from Daisy Pink Cupcake. What a fun blog! She has some great photos, ideas and fun stuff going on. So enjoy these photos if you are in similar weather areas, and cross our fingers that soon enough we can join the good weather club!

DIY {Cake stand}

For Easter I was given the task of bringing a dessert to a very fun Sunday, not getting many opportunities to make desserts I went a little crazy! I did some tasty cookies, and two different cakes. Seeing as our house is lacking a bit in the cake stand department, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I created my own cake stand! It was very simple, and the idea came from a fun site called "oncewed" that features ideas for brides to be, but they are really just some very fun crafts that don't necessarily have to be for weddings. So, what I did was bought the terra cotta plant base and smaller pot, took some regular pant and dazzled them up! I used some 'mighty putty' to stick the two pieces together and voila cake stand! I used it for Easter and now it is just waiting for its next use!