Etsy find of the day: Gabrielle Kai Photography

I found this photographer while browsing Etsy today, the prints are oh so reasonable and could add that vintage touch to any room!

On a different subject, the free 'discovery download' on itunes is quite good this week... this morning I found myself jammin' around in my bathroom listening to it. A great upbeat, dance, summer tune!

Again on a completely different subject, this morning Sam gave a group of us a tour of the new Shooting Star clubhouse which is scheduled to be open on July 1st. The views are fantastic, the clubhouse is quiet spectacular and I just hope I get to attend the grand opening scheduled for July 11th! Mainly for two reasons... 1. to test the food of the Executive Chef, Michael who has been creating treats for Sam and his colleagues and they sound delicious and 2. to see the clubhouse totally and completely finished (as there were still things needing to be done)...

Other than those random thoughts Jackson (or better named Seattle, Wyoming) is maybe, finally getting some nice weather this coming week... My oh my am I getting sick of the rain and is really doing a number on the lack there of tan and sanity!

Thanks for listening to me ramble, for now.... cheers!

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A. Jarrett said...

Thanks so much for enjoying my work!