Nostalgic and Whimsy

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Vintage Birdcages, birds eggs, feathers, lanterns and nests give such a sense of whimsy, vintage airy feel. It is rather popular to have this theme for weddings now, but I just like it for everyday! Birdcages can be used for so many different things. For a dinner party you could fill them with candles and surround the table with simple greens, or you could collect a couple and hang them from trees, or you could even do some simple floral arrangements and group the containers inside the cage.... If you are looking to spruce up an outdoor party Bloom (boutique in jackson hole) has some great lanterns that would be excellent for all the upcoming parties of the summer!

It is finally nice enough to start thinking about outdoor parties! The last two days have been sunny and warm, a great change from the ugliness we had been experiencing!
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