Trip Pictures!

I returned last Tuesday from my trip back East. I have a few posts coming with various photos, but I am going to start with these five seemingly random shots, but I will explain them as I go!
This is the gorgeous central park, I spent some time there both days I was in the city and it is just fantastic! Weather was perfect, and I just explored the city from uptown to downtown...
These are again in Central Park
I couldn't go to New York and not go to my favorite Anthropologie! I managed to make it to all three stores, obsessed, I know.
Bill and Story invited me to a Conservation International dinner at the Natural History Museum one of the nights we were there. I was there adopted daughter for the evening... We ate the delicious dinner down under the giant blue whale and had the pleasure of listing to the "Planet in Peril" cast and crew (thats right, Anderson Cooper!) talk about their series and give some insight on ways to help our planet, very cool! They had received the conservation steward for the year... it was so fun and educational.
Only I would like and take a picture of something like this.... anyway the mannequin was in this lovely stationary store and I just had to take a photo of it, so fun! More to come!!

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