Lucy & Seamus

This past weekend was the first Farmers Market of the summer! My good friend Ian was hosting a stand called "Mr. McGregors Gardens" so Sam and I had to go and support. Throughout the spring Ian has been planning this stand, and lucky for Sam and I, he has tried out many of his creations on us to see what we think. Let me tell you, his biscuits are amazing, coffee cake award winning and chocolate yummies were irresistible. He also has been growing all sorts of goodies in his garden to sell as well. So after all the planning the stand finally came to fruition on Saturday! He did very well, especially since his mother Kim and girlfriend Blair brought along their new cute I can't stay away (pictures above) so that helped to lure the buyers in! Anyway there were so many goodies to be had! My photos of the puppies didn't come out as well, so thanks Blair for these!

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Liz Hoke said...

I LOVE THEM! And I totally want to try all of Ian's creations and I so hope his stand works out well for him... I love it!