Adventure with Bland!

Marion Lake
Taken a breather
Indian Lake
Bland diving in and diving right back out, brr!
Well hello there little one...
Breather #192
Bland- no breathers needed.

This past weekend, my brother and I went on a little adventure in Grand Teton National Park. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing adventures, and both of us were feeling quite sad that we hadn't gone on to many hikes this year. So, after Bland consulted with our guru hiker Hank, he pointed us towards Granite Canyon to head to Indian and Marion lakes.

We were on the trail at about 8:30am. I warned Bland that I could not really read a topo map, my sense of direction was/is terrible and I hoped he would be able to find the way because there is no trail to Indian Lake. He assured me that he could read and map and he had good directional sense so it wouldn't be a problem. About 6 miles up Granite Canyon we literally got off the trail and went straight up the mountain. Pheww it was tiring! After coming across a trail that neither of us thought existed, I began questioning Bland's sense of map reading/directional sense...not to mention he forgot his camera halfway up the mountain and had to go back and retrieve it. Good start to the bushwhacking!

After retrieving the camera, we continued up the 90 degree slope. Believing we were steps away from the lake only to realize we had merely stumbled upon a meadow really dampened our spirits. No worries! A quick hop across two different canyons landed us at Indian Lake, finally whoohoo!

After a quick lunch we started up this cliff ban to continue our journey. I started before Bland knowing I was a bit slower than him. A couple minutes up and I hear 'bahh, bahhh' over and over. I look back to see why Bland is 'bahh'ing' at me and realize a baby mountain sheep was heading in our direction.... he was so cute! I called to the little one and he continued to progress closer to me till he was about 20 feet away. He then bolted up the hill, clearly showing us how it should be done, and then was off. How amazing though to see that, it is very very rare to see such a site, or so we have been told.

From there we met up with the Crest Trail that took us to Marion Lake. A quick dip and we were off to get to the top of the tram before 6:00. If we didn't make the cutoff time it be an additional 7 mile hike down the ski hill not what we wanted. We arrived at the top of the tram at around 5:30. The hike total was about 17 miles, and we were tired! A jump in the pool plus a nap and we were good to go! I have included some pictures of the adventure!


Beck said...

In all my years of hiking, I've never seen a baby mountain sheep. How adorable! Your hike makes me reminisce about all the wonderful "Hank" hikes I've taken. Never to Indian Lake and bushwacking is not my ideal way to go. Looked beautiful, however.

sws said...

Looks like a great day! Good for you! 17 miles?? I did a short hike last night (3 miles) and nearly died. Love the picture of the baby mountain sheep...had to show the kids!