I stumbled upon this website that offers free artist designed desktop backgrounds for your enjoyment! They are fun and well done in a variety of different styles. What a great way for an artist to showcase their work, and for people like us to get to enjoy some fresh new backdrops
on our computers! Thanks to the gals who created Kindred! Here is a peek at what you can find there...


sws said...

My lovely earrings arrived today! I am wearing them as I type! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. Everybody I saw today loved them too! And the broach looks very cute on my straw bag...can't wait to try it on something else! You are an artist!!

Ashley Holzer said...

Padgett! I am so glad you found my site also! What a small world!! It has been sooooo long since I last saw you!!!!

Your blog is very entertaining! I had a great time exploring it!! You look so great in your pictures! I don't think I will be in Jackson anytime soon. I would love to catch up though! What is a good way to get a hold of you?

I am glad you are doing well! Take care and hopefully will talk with you soon!