Project Runway!

Project Runway is back on! I am in love with this show and have been a fan since the first season. I am so glad to see that nothing has changed about the show after its move to Lifetime. Heidi Klum is my all time favorite, followed closely by Tim Gunn, they are amazing.

Anyway I had been loving the song they were advertising the show with on lifetime. So...with a little help from Shazam on the phone I found out who it was, and better yet a free download for it! Is the song deep and meaningful? no. is the song moving and emotional? no. is the song catchy, great to run to and makes you sing along at the top of the lungs in the car? yes... definitely! So, if you want, you can download it here.


Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I cannot wait to watch tonights episode! I LOVE Heidi and Tim, not to mention all of the guest judges and the design challenges. Everything about it is just Fabulous!

Liz Hoke said...

YAHOO! Yeah I am so glad crazy non sketcher ... disco soccer ball lady is gone!