100th post & giveaway!

Wahooo! Today marks the amazing 100th post! To all of those that read (and maybe re-read?) this site, whoo hoo! It makes me happy to hear back about the little discoveries I post, so thanks to those that comment.

OK, to mark this momentous occasion and to give back a bit to you precious readers, I announce the giveaway of some extra lovely jewels. Yes, I have created three new dangle earrings, one for you to win!

1. Let me know which pair of earrings you fancy by commenting below!

2. This is big, so huge you should spread the word about this little blog giving away little jewels. Twitter a tweet post a blog, face a book... whatever you do, I always say the more the merrier...

3. RSS this site - that means you will know when new posts pop up, because lets be honest, it makes me happy & then you will know when I have more giveaways and new items in the shop...

4. If you don't wear dangle earrings or don't have pierced ears (Resi!) let me know in the comments and if you win we'll set you up with something else, special... no one is left out!

You have till noon next Tuesday (September 22) to comment and then I will announce the winner! ps: if the lucky winner doesn't choose the earrings you fancy, the other two pairs will be put on my etsy site, so...win win!!


Scott and Heather said...

I fancy your light topaz and gold oval dangle! First person to post a comment should get preference! ;)

TZel said...

I was struck by the light blue and turquoise dangle earrings- so beautiful! They remind me of the sky, spring and robin's eggs. Thank you and congratulations!

Bec;ky Frisbie said...

I love your earrings but I'm not a "dangly" girl! So, if I'm chosen, I want a pair of your "studdlies"!

Abbie said...

Love all of them... and would gladly take all three off your hands. If I had to chose-- the first pair! Already RSS'ing you, girl... and gave a little shout out to your Etsy store last week!

bbcomo said...

I <3 light topaz & gold!


KLaw said...

Count me in sista! I just adore the light topaz and gold ones!!

Valerie said...

I just complimented the beautiful artist modeling her the light blue and turquoise dangle earrings - so naturally, my vote is for the light blue and turquoise. I have never considered myself a dangling earring kind of girl, but the color and design are very attractive and I couldn't help but wonder how they would look (on me!). Whatever should come to pass, this is my first discovery of Padgett's site and it is fun and beautiful, very much like the artist herself. I admire your creative initiative, Padgett. Keep it up!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I would love to have the "light blue and turquoise dangle earrings." I love them so much and think they would be a perfect addition to my jewelry collection! Thanks for the amazing giveaway and congrats on your 100th post!!

CATMATZ said...

HI!! I'm one of Jessica's friends and I LOVE your blog!! I, too, love everything and anything shabbychic and think you have some of the best ideas/posts/colorboards/etc!!

Love the hotpink earrings but mostly just enjoy reading your blog!

Look forward to meeting you at J's wedding next summa!


Holey Shift said...

I must say the pink makes me hot!
Love your blog,
Love your inspiration,
Love you!

I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win!

Blair said...

Yeah! Congrats on your 100 post padgette. I will mention this in my next post!:) I think those topaz ones are my new favorite:)

And can't believe I missed you at Old Bills and the Art Walk!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Ooh, congratulations on the 100th post! I have to say I'm partial to the turquoise pair. Absolutely gorgeous!

Patty Hartnett said...

I love dangly earrings and so when I win I would be oh so happy to have the turquoise and blue! You know it would make my back feel better!

Maria said...


I would love any of them! Congratulations on your 100th post!!!


resi Stiegler said...

I love the pink ones!!!!!!!!! 100 yahooo!!!!! Amazing
ps Bland is amazing too! loved his pictures and what an amzing project

Deliciously Organized said...

Just subscribed! Great blog! Congrats on 100! Love the gold and topaz ones!-carlee

Mary Louise said...

love the blue and turquoise ones!! so beautiful and your etsy site is wonderful!

Emily said...

I love the topaz ones! Miss you!

caitlin jayne redhead said...

Light topaz and gold
are dainty yet bold.
An elegant style that will never be old.
Not from a mold,
I'm surprised they're not sold.
I sure would be lucky to have and to hold.
What a sight to behold,
All my friends I have told.
If your blog were a magazine, each corner I'd fold.

Like that little rhyme, eh? Just came up with it myself. Haha. Padgett! Your stuff is amazing!! Wow. Can't wait to see some of it in person! Congrats on the 100th. Hope to see you soon!
Caitlin Morgan

paula said...

the light blue dangles would be perfect! Congrats on your 100th post!

Will said...

I fancy my bestest of old friend p-ho and I miss her

sws said...

pick me!!

Flick, said...

Hi! I absolutely LOOOVE the topaz and gold earings, so hot! yeeow!
cheers, Flick

Colorado Cullens said...

100th post and a give-away! What a great idea. You are so very creative ms. padgett! i love 'em all. Hope fall is treating you well. we are in full swing with soccer and school...as i'm sure you gather from our blog.


winnie said...

They are all beautiful! I like them all!!! But, I think my favorites are the pink ones! Hope I'm not too late to be in the contest :) Its 11:44 California time.
Miss you and hope you are well!