bike ride + blueberry margaritas

Yesterday Resi had the marvelous idea to go biking in the park up to Signal Mountain from Moose, have some world famous blueberry margaritas & nachos and ride back to Moose for the hootenanny at Dornans. Amazingly, seven of us were able to go and it was the perfect day for a ride, overcast and cool! Of course, when you are riding with an olympian and a professional windsurfer its not so much a leisure stroll, more like the tour de' grand teton national park. We made it up to Signal at record speed & time, and proceeded to chow on a huge plate of delicious nachos, and of course the world famous margaritas. Back at Dornan's we enjoyed the hootenanny with the backdrop of the Tetons. What a perfect Labor day Monday!


the southern hostess said...

What a perfect day! Those margaritas look good!

Becky Frisbie said...

Love those nachos! One of my favorite things to do every summer. Just had an enjoyable day on Signal's deck a few weeks ago. Beck