flutter tunnel

My brother, Bland, is an incredible artist, and I must share with you his latest creation. He seeks waste to upcycle and repurpose into artwork which inspires, confounds and provokes a ponder or two. Bland has completed numerous large-scale installations including a 3 acre installation in Stone Hill Quarry Art Park in Cazenovia NY, an 8 ton modular chair lift cable sculpture on Aspen Snowmass Mountain in Snowmass Colorado, and most recently semi-sustainable snow sculpture on Snow King Mountain in Jackson WY broadcasting sound scapes via a solar powered sound system.

His most recent adventure included a repeat trip to Burning Man, a festival held in the Nevada desert. The artwork created for the annual Burning Man festival transcends art history, contemporary galleries and the vast majority of public sculpture. The artwork invites participants to play, generate roles and interact on levels that are not possible outside the boundaries of the temporary city of 50,000+ people.

Flutter tunnel was inspired by a previous sculpture completed by my lovely lady Felicia and Bland back in 2005 called the Ranch Bow. This iteration though combined both art and charity, the solar powered flashlights used to light the sculpture at night during their stay at Burning Man are being shipped off toSchools for Salone in Africa to distribute to school children to study at night. soo...

The captions and photos are from Bland:

It all started at Pacific Steel and Recycling. Sucker rod, a decommissioned material from drilling oil, is the primary building material for making the individual arches
Annnnd. after loading 190 rods or 9,900 lbs
After plopping us out in the desert, Hector from the Artery drove away with his little GPS, leaving us at the site. It was marked by a CD and a pink doo dad nailed into the playa. I stood for about 30 minutes trying to figure out the best orientation for the tunnel to maximize exposure to the ever changing path of the sun. Variables such as morning energy vs. afternoon energy were considered. I settled on flipping outplotted image over, reading it backwards and this seemed to do the trick.
Flashlights getting all powered up by the sun...
Group photo...19 hours of work later

The Hammock Trike. With your back to the wind, this thing puttered along at a pace of 3 mph. Feet up, relaxified and smiling like a fool. Parked it at the Flutter Tunnel to dust the 200 flashlight's solar panels off for enhanced charging capabilities.

Bland - you continue to amaze and impress, and inspire me. Clearly your sculpture was well received, your pictures are amazing, and I know it was worth all the hard work. I can't wait to see what you do next! love, your sissy. (Ps don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!!)

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