Emma is featured on Orbitz Travel Blog!

Emma Simmons
My extremely talented cousin Emma is featured this month on Orbitz travel blog! It is impressive to see how far she has come in so little time. Here is an excerpt from the site "Emma Simmons is a professional photographer who splits her time between the east and west coasts. Although permanently residing within the continental U.S., her passion for photography has taken her across the globe. Check out the world from the eyes of Emma at http://www.emmasimmons.com." I wish her the best, and hope you will go check out the site! The latest post on Orbitz takes you to India and Kashmir. The above photos are clearly her's and are just the tip of the iceberg, I struggled with not having every single one of her photos posted!


Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

That is so exciting, going to check her out! Congrats!

Ps. I am beyond excited to receive my brooch!! Cannot wait!

sws said...

Padgett, thanks for letting me know! These are beautiful photos. I'm amazed at all of my talented cousins. Who knew there were so many artists?!

Holey Shift said...

Hi babe! I just am so impressed with your blood line!
Also just went to "Sunset in the Rearview and LOVE it!
Music and inspiration abound in the Hoke-Simmons family!
Love you and missing you!
P.S...just got the message from SnowKing...xoxo

Caroline, Lucky Umbrella said...

How cool is that! Her photos are just awesome.