Happy Hallow's Eve

It is very chilly here in Jackson, spitting snow and staying grey. It reminds me of getting into my halloween costume to go trick or treating (last year... haha I kid I kid...). Anyway, prior to leaving the house, my mom would insist that we all wear our winter jackets to keep warm. This achieved warmth, but ruined the costume - all you could see were our skinny legs and no costume... plus, once we were out trick or treating, it went like this. Drive up to a house, get out, trick for a treat, back in the car, drive to next house, repeat. Oh, the joys of living in Wyoming! Would you believe we have never had a trick or treater to our house? Nope, never.

Anyway, I hope everyone has their costumes picked out... I don't. Still thinking about it and can't seem to come up with anything clever today... bah! I have some photos above from Martha that I liked, and because I love "so you think you can dance" so much, I have included one of my sister and I's favorite dances - the zombie one... I love it, and oh so fitting for Halloween! Have a happy halloween!

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