Birthday blooms

Blooms for my birthday from Sam, along with many other goodies from family and friends - a belated thanks to everyone for making the day so special for me!

On another note - will be in San Diego till the 5th of December, so again, I apologize for the light posting!

Weekend recap

Sorry I have not been posting as often, but it has been very hard to peel myself off the lounge chair {positioned perfectly for maximum sun} to go inside and get on the computer... anyway, I loved my birthday wishes - thank you all! I had an amazing birthday surrounded entirely by my family during our annual family reunion.

We flew into Salt Lake on Friday and had a delicious birthday dinner at Faustina (I would definitely recommend) that my cousin Peter set up - complete with a personalized "Padgett birthday menu" after which I got a birthday ride in my other cousin Mike's Tesla sportscar. If you don't know anything about the Tesla, you need to learn about it, the car is amazing (and I am not a car guru) it was such a treat!

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with my extensive family hearing about all the exciting things happening in everyones' lives. Anyway, back in San Diego now with family and friends relaxing and enjoying each others company. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorites!

So this is totally random - but the other night we were chatting about our recent favorite commercials, and a commom consensus were the etrade babies... they are hysterical! So, that is why they are on this post... totally random I know, but the sun is soaking up my creativity at the moment so I will let the babies do the entertaining...

I am the birthday girl!

It is my birthday today, yahoo!! So, have a cupcake on me, and celebrate November 20th, yipee! The images just make me happy (from, so... happy am I on this fantastic day!

Etsy:: Gift Guides

Do you ever get overwhelmed when you are on Etsy? For those of you who don't peruse the site often - a great way to narrow your search (and the overwhelmingness of the site) is to check out their gift guides (hit buy, then gift guides)... Etsy has always had that avenue to shop, but they continue to add new guides that simplify what you are trying to find and might be new to some of you.... even if you don't buy anything, these guides can inspire some ideas for what to give this holiday season!

Flew the coup

I have escaped the cold of Jackson Hole to much warmer climate here in {gorgeous and sunny} San Diego... seriously it is just heaven. I have already been on two long, warm, non jacket/neck warmer/gloves/long underwear/fleece hat runs and I couldn't be happier. I am a shade of crimson after laying in the sun for hours today - but as you will recall I am an expert tanner, and it will turn to a tan in a jiff. These photos I found on My Modern Met. Photographed by Marcus Ohlsson I thought they were so perfect for my current situation! Enjoy!

Trunk Show update!

Well, the trunk show was a big success! There was an amazing turnout on Thursday night, lots of food fun and bubbly, and of course some very good shoppers! I sold so much more than I expected, and now have the tall order of completely restocking myself before the Christmas Bazarre on the 5th of December. Thankfully I am headed to San Diego and will be able to actually go to a store and get my supplies rather than playing Russian Roulette internet bead shopping. Anyway, here are some photos of my display (they are fuzzy again, sorry) - it was so much fun putting it all together, I was very proud of the final product! Thank you all for the kind, encouraging comments and networking, the hard work was evident by the great turnout! Thank you all very much!

Trunk Show!

If you are in the Jackson Hole area - stop by our local artists trunk show tonight, tomorrow or Saturday. Tonight for the opening we will have beer and bubbly! This is my first show, so I hope everything goes well... I have worked my little fingers to the bone getting ready so lets hope we have a good turn out! Stay tuned for photos, it should be a fun evening!

Fell in love with...

Actually I am just impressed by this!
Side braids
Vintage vases & flowers
This quote - reminds me of my best lady friends
This installation
This Birdcage lamp
These vintage clocks
This headboard

~All images via:


James Cameron clearly got the infamous Titanic pose from me. I found this picture in my mom's vast collection of photos and got a kick out of my stance - it's either a precursor to Titanic or I am in the midst of singing "stop, in the name of love..." while my grandpa Roy stands by making sure I don't plunge to the ground...


Here is Sam as "Kip" from Napoleon Dynamite for halloween - There was about two pounds of gel in his hair thanks to me! We thought he looked pretty good...


I am the first to admit that I am not a style icon - in fact, you will most likely find me in neutral colors with a pair of jeans. So, if I am completely off here, sorry. Anywho, are we really back to stonewash jeans and jumpsuits?? yikes spikes... I have liked the skinny jeans, even the ankle boots, but I am just not sold on stonewash or anything jumpsuit ... Here is one of my favorite Sex and the City quotes from Anthony that fits this post perfectly:

“Charlotte: Imagine, being blind and not being able to see a beautiful day like today. Can you think of anything worse?
Anthony: Stonewashed jeans and a matching jacket.”

Lets just say - for my upcoming birthday, do NOT get me these things!

Photos via Asos style, and Forever 21

Dahlia press

A while back I signed up to be a part of "Shop Swap & Blog" which was put together by a wonderful woman named Pattie. The idea was to take a bunch of different shops, swap a product of two from the shops and then blog about the goodies you received! How fantastic! So, I was so tickled when I got partnered up with the amazingly talented Stephanie from Dahlia Press and I immediately began pursuing her site, shop and blog and fell in love.

She blogged about the goodies I sent her a while back, and I have been waiting eagerly for her package. It arrived tonight and was well worth the wait! Packaged so perfectly, the product speaks for itself. Not overstated, just simple and sophisticated. She blind embossed my name as well as a gorgeous simple pattern on stationary. I love getting things with my name on them... not too many Padgett's running around out there - so it made me feel special!

So, I must share a little about Stephanie. She has always been creative, and her resume of numerous impressive jobs showcase her variety of talent. She holds degrees in Art History & Interior Design, has worked in the International Design department at Starbucks, designed retail stores, websites, products and logos for a small branding firm and finally found herself in a local school taking Letterpress printing. It was love. She set up shop and will hopefully soon be calling "Dahlia Press" her full time job.

I have so enjoyed getting to know Stephanie through this unconventional meeting - if I am every in Seattle, I hope to meet Stephanie, who seems to be incredibly talented, lovely and so very kind. Please, scoot on over to Dahlia Press, she has some very amazing things!