Weekend recap

Sorry I have not been posting as often, but it has been very hard to peel myself off the lounge chair {positioned perfectly for maximum sun} to go inside and get on the computer... anyway, I loved my birthday wishes - thank you all! I had an amazing birthday surrounded entirely by my family during our annual family reunion.

We flew into Salt Lake on Friday and had a delicious birthday dinner at Faustina (I would definitely recommend) that my cousin Peter set up - complete with a personalized "Padgett birthday menu" after which I got a birthday ride in my other cousin Mike's Tesla sportscar. If you don't know anything about the Tesla, you need to learn about it, the car is amazing (and I am not a car guru) it was such a treat!

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with my extensive family hearing about all the exciting things happening in everyones' lives. Anyway, back in San Diego now with family and friends relaxing and enjoying each others company. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorites!

So this is totally random - but the other night we were chatting about our recent favorite commercials, and a commom consensus were the etrade babies... they are hysterical! So, that is why they are on this post... totally random I know, but the sun is soaking up my creativity at the moment so I will let the babies do the entertaining...

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Deliciously Organized said...

Sounds like you're having an incredible time! Happy Thanksgiving!

those commericals are always so funny!