Creature comforts freebies!

One of my favorite sites to check is Creature Comforts... they have the most amazing posts - including a vast collection of fantastic freebies! It is so amazing the 'giving' that happens around blog land - and these are so perfect for the crafty, or not so crafty because you can use each freebie how you want to! So, go check out the freebies over at Creature Comforts they are very wonderful... oh, and they have a fun gift guide section too!

I will try and pull together other freebies like these in upcoming posts!


Kristin said...

I love that the not so crafty is included. That's me!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

I am definitely using these on my Christmas presents! Thanks for the link, I sent these along to my friend who is also very crafty and would love this project!

Ez said...

Thank you so much for your sweet post about my blog Padgett.

Deliciously Organized said...

these are all so cute! i love the holiday lights gift tags!