I'm Back!

It is 3 degrees out currently. That means two things - 1. I am home from the sunny San Diego, 2. I would like to go back to sunny San Diego now. Right now. The only really good thing about this though is that it is the Christmas season and thus you need cold and snow for the true Christmas feel! I am such a huge huge fan of this amazing holiday - I can't even begin to say. I have Christmas tunes a playin', have already watched Elf, Christmas Vacation, the Santa Clause, Home Alone.... and probably more that I am forgetting. I can't wait to bake some goodies, decorate the tree and be oh so merry. Tonight is our first game of Broomball (I will post about that tomorrow if I don't get hypothermia) so wish us luck!
I have included some photos of the baby puppy, and an activity in San Diego for the meantime while I compile some good Christmas photos!

Here is an update on the puppy - her name is Dutchess and she is precious. So very very precious.
Look at her! Little super model!
View from my Uncles' house - amazzzzing!
One more hellllo
Liz rocking out on the stand up paddle board, she and Bland were very good for their first time!

Anyway - I am back and should be posting regularly again - thanks for hanging in there with me!


VogueOntheRange said...

I'm so glad you are back! And I can't believe your darling new baby... I have been begging for a black and tan one!

Deliciously Organized said...

Oh my goodness that puppy is so cute!

It's getting cold in Boston fast...my family lives in the OC. So as you can imagine it's much warmer there. But I hear it's been freezing down south lately.

Beebs said...

That pooch is absolutely adorable!!! Merry Christmas!