I am a huge fan of Lollia, I think one day I will bring one of their products to a designer (just like the commercial on tv for Kohler) and ask them to design my house around their product packaging. Their products are great, and even better is the smell of their various lines... I think I might be a bit behind, but I hadn't seen this new scent called 'imagine'. My guess is that it smells delicious!

4th photos...

So these are a bit delayed, but thought I would share regardless...fun party at the house complete with homemade biscuits by Felicia, lots of badminton/volleyball, a little rain, lots of laughs, and lots of good ol' american fun... followed by a party at Chase and Cody's in town and finally off we went to the fireworks at Snow King! Only in Jackson would you get to have Tommy the cow join the party, thanks to his poppa Chase...

I'm on Etsy!

I decided to list my brooches on Etsy...I am very excited to see how they do! You can find them at Padgett Hoke's Shop on etsy. Let you friends and family know...these brooches are the perfect accessorie for any outfit. They can also be added to bags, hair clips, shoes, belts...oh the possibilities! Check out the shop and let me know what you think! Thanks to my mom for helping me take the photos...

Heather Bullard Boutique

I am a huge fan of Heather Bullard. She has this amazing blog that has the most inspiring photographs and advice. She also has a fantastic collection of items to purchase in her boutique. There are fanciful gifts, housewares, and furniture... most certainly worth a peek!

Cute ad

Cute ad by J.Crew, I only wish they were less expensive!

Jenny + Jared Wedding

What an amazing wedding! Jenny, Emily and Robin put together such a gorgeous, well thought out detail oriented wedding. These pictures really don't do it justice, but they give a good idea at how wonderfully everything came together and how much fun it was! Jenny and Jared are off in Africa now, lucky!

Lucy & Seamus

This past weekend was the first Farmers Market of the summer! My good friend Ian was hosting a stand called "Mr. McGregors Gardens" so Sam and I had to go and support. Throughout the spring Ian has been planning this stand, and lucky for Sam and I, he has tried out many of his creations on us to see what we think. Let me tell you, his biscuits are amazing, coffee cake award winning and chocolate yummies were irresistible. He also has been growing all sorts of goodies in his garden to sell as well. So after all the planning the stand finally came to fruition on Saturday! He did very well, especially since his mother Kim and girlfriend Blair brought along their new puppies...so cute I can't stay away (pictures above) so that helped to lure the buyers in! Anyway there were so many goodies to be had! My photos of the puppies didn't come out as well, so thanks Blair for these!

Decorating idea...

Here is a very fun way to give your bed a quick makeover from my favorite Better Homes and Gardens...Just use some towels as a new bedskirt! I would definitely head to Anthro, of course, to get the towels, like these!