Design Sponge's DIY's

I am sure all of you are fans of Design Sponge, and for great reason! Aside from the daily inspirational posts, yesterday I was in the mood to check out some good DIY's. The collection of tutorials on Design Sponge is so inspiring, almost overwhelming (in a good way!) I just had to plug the goodness of that amazing site - and now I have added many new projects to my to do list, including all of the above! Find all these projects, plus so many more over at Design Sponge...

:: Paperwink ::

I found Paperwink, this lovely stationary boutique a couple days ago, and had to share. They have such great design work, simple yet unique. I love the custom stamps, I would happily put in my order if only I could make up my mind on which I like the most... anyway, if you need any type of stationary, I would recommend checking them out... all designs are "paperwink"

Wreaths, part 3

Told you I was wreath crazy (don't believe me? check here & here)... find these lovelies on my Etsy shop!

Real Simple's new uses for old things

I am such an organizer, I get it from my wonderful mom... so, Real Simple's "New Uses for Old Things" always makes me happy with their inventive uses to help organize and repurpose almost anything. They have some excellent ideas that you will find yourself wondering 'why didn't I think of that'... well they compiled 50 of their best ideas, and I picked my 10 favorite...

1. Repurpose an old frame with fun bright paper and turn into a tray
2. Take coasters or matchbooks from your travels and use them as fun gift tags
3. Put rubber bands on your hangers to keep dresses and cami's from slipping off
4. Use your straight iron to get hard to get at spots (between the buttons)while ironing
5. Do a once over with some water and follow up with a drop of oil (vegi, canola) to give your leather lovlies a nice polish and shine.
6. Once your finished with your kleenex throw your plastic bags in there for easy dispensing (hopefully this will become obsolete with reusable bags!)
7. Take a towel rack and instal in any cupboard, closet you name it so you will always have easy access to your cleaning products
8. Throw a tp holder around your cords to keep them tangle free
9. Old wine box turned shoe holder (my fav of the bunch) with some fun paper around the outside
10. Take some shower curtain holders and put them in your closet for the abundance of bags that we all have. They will be happy to be off the ground and holding their shape!

I hope something in this list strikes your fancy... I am headed to find a wine box for the shoe mess I have going on in my see the complete list click here.

Thanks for all the amazing comments on the wreath - but I am not finished yet, stay tuned for two more fantastic wreaths (hi, my name is Padgett and I am a wreath-a-holic)...

{diy} wreath part two

The coffee filter wreath was such a hit, that I decided to make another wreath for my lovely lady Felicia "Reed" Resor, who is brilliant, creative, inspiring, loving etc. etc., but she is also an avid reader and we love to get into book discussions together. For Christmas I created a book wreath for her, and unless she was lying - she seemed to love it.

So, if you are motivated to make one, it was really not too hard (for the non makers - see below I put this wreath for sale!). I took a well loved book that was falling apart, ripped the pages out and with a bunch of different folds basically just started pinning them onto the styrofoam ring and filling it out. Once I had it covered, I went back numerous times and added where ever there were holes that needed filling. So, since it was such a hit I decided to make another, and for those of you who would just like to purchase the wreath - I put in in my shop for sale! I will also be adding another floral wreath, floral balls, and a mini wreath to the store, so keep checking in. I will post about those tomorrow!

Things I love...

My fabulous sister got the three products below for me for Christmas, and boy oh boy I am not sure how I have gone this long without them. First of all, Batiste dry shampoo is to die for. I have no clue how it works, but it works. Since my hair is extremely long, and thick - cleaning and drying it everyday is out of the question. Sooo, on my off days I spray this 'magic' into the roots and boom it is like I just stepped out of the shower. Amazing. Highly recommended.

Second is the Donna Karan deodorant - at first look I thought it might be a tad excessive, but after one use I was again, hooked. You continue to smell its goodness all day long, even to the point where perfume is not needed. I am just saying, I love these new additions - thanks Liz!
The third thing I am in love with is my google reader. One of my best lady friends was here visiting last week, and we got to chatting about our favorite sites. She informed me that she wasn't using google reader. Whaa I say?! Google reader changed my blog life, it really appealed to my organized self... it is my morning paper, updating me on the latest posts from my favorite amazing blogs! So, I told her I would do a post explaining its greatness, and possibly find others that arn't using reader but should be! So simple - you need a google account, once you have that, add your favorite sites simply by clicking "add a subscription" in the top right corner. Drag and drop the link into the coloum "blogs I am following" and voila! Reader will automatically feed any new posts from the blogs that you follow in the order they were posted. So fantastic.

I hope these little pleasures will brighten your day (click the reader photo to understand the instructions - it is very self explanatory)! Enjoy!


A lovely lady named Federica from Sweet as a Candy commented on my site the other day, and I rushed on over to check out her site. How amazing! In cruising around her site she introduced me to "Bloomingville" which is in Denmark, Sweden and Germany (I think) and is fantastic. So many fun photos to look at. I only wish we were able to get these things here in the good ol' US! Go check out both Sweet as a Candy and Bloomingville - you will understand once you see! PS: I love all of my commentors, not only for the feedback, but so I can meet and see all of your wonderful sites! and All photos via Bloomingville...

Towel Displaying

I have quite a soft spot for great towels. If they are fresh, fluffy and nicely displayed they remind me of a spa and if displayed correctly can really fancy up a room. Better Homes and Gardens read my mind and had some ideas that I liked that needed to be shared. Simple and sometimes obvious, but a good reminder that everyday items can be used to add that extra touch...
Vintage chair, bench, hutch, stacked suitcases...
In an urn, planter or decorative basket
hanging from a hanger - especially a vintage fun hanger
Hanging on a ladder

Thanks for the photos!

Lovely {Anthro} photos

What is it about this company - everything they touch and do is so amazing! I love these photos - and, I especially love her bike! Pictures all via

Sam's Christmas Present

I apologize for the lack of posts since Christmas, I had a lovely time enjoying the Holidays spending some time away from the computer. But, I am back and know I must share! My brother is incredible. I asked him to do a little sketch of Sam's dog Tucker for Christmas - and he created a masterpiece! I have to show it off because it is so impressive.... and in case you would like a similar sketch for you pets... If you are interested, just email me and I can get you some more info!