Real Simple's new uses for old things

I am such an organizer, I get it from my wonderful mom... so, Real Simple's "New Uses for Old Things" always makes me happy with their inventive uses to help organize and repurpose almost anything. They have some excellent ideas that you will find yourself wondering 'why didn't I think of that'... well they compiled 50 of their best ideas, and I picked my 10 favorite...

1. Repurpose an old frame with fun bright paper and turn into a tray
2. Take coasters or matchbooks from your travels and use them as fun gift tags
3. Put rubber bands on your hangers to keep dresses and cami's from slipping off
4. Use your straight iron to get hard to get at spots (between the buttons)while ironing
5. Do a once over with some water and follow up with a drop of oil (vegi, canola) to give your leather lovlies a nice polish and shine.
6. Once your finished with your kleenex throw your plastic bags in there for easy dispensing (hopefully this will become obsolete with reusable bags!)
7. Take a towel rack and instal in any cupboard, closet you name it so you will always have easy access to your cleaning products
8. Throw a tp holder around your cords to keep them tangle free
9. Old wine box turned shoe holder (my fav of the bunch) with some fun paper around the outside
10. Take some shower curtain holders and put them in your closet for the abundance of bags that we all have. They will be happy to be off the ground and holding their shape!

I hope something in this list strikes your fancy... I am headed to find a wine box for the shoe mess I have going on in my see the complete list click here.

Thanks for all the amazing comments on the wreath - but I am not finished yet, stay tuned for two more fantastic wreaths (hi, my name is Padgett and I am a wreath-a-holic)...


Adrianne said...

In the Feb 2010 issue of Real Simple, did you see the article 'Keeping it Real (Neat)'? Man, these ladies are organizing machines!

I like the #4 idea on your list - I always have that problem trying to iron little man's oxford shirts that are about the size of a postage stamp!!! :) I'll try it out!

Jaeve + Things said...

These are all great tips! Thanks for sharing!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Thank you for this post! I went to the full article and was amazed at the new things you can do with old objects!

Kristin said...

Shower curtain holders for bags...brilliant!

Federica said...

These collages are lovely!
Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Flick, said...

What fantastic ideas.. I too love the shoe storage one! I look forward to more of your wreaths.. we don't mind hat you are a wreath-a-holic!