{DIY} Valentines Day Treats!

These are from a past post I did about 2 years ago, but since this week has been more than crazy busy (1. volunteering for the Special Olympics - amazing! 2. getting ready for a show I am in on Sunday selling my goodies 3. working really hard on some Real Estate deals, whoohoo, my fingers are crossed!) so, in trying not to forget about all you wonderful readers, I decided to run with an old post, but a real good and easy one!

Idea came from the lovely Lily and Co. gals when I used to work there, it's a fun way to dress up some Hersey's bars and give them to friends and coworkers for that sweet treat valentine. Creativity is your friend with these, so use some glitter, fun ribbon and paper and voila!

Please forgive me for the lack of my visits to all of your lovely sites - I promise to be back in action on Monday for a great giveaway! - so stay tuned!

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