Colorboard Inspiration for Liz

My sister Liz is about to start the moving process into a new condo! So, that means two things... 1. Moving - which isn't so fun, but hopefully we will have a lot of hands! 2. Decorating - the part I am most looking forward to!

As of right now, I believe the walls in the condo are all white - so, we need some inspiration for wall colors! Thankfully, 100 Layer Cake does the best color inspiration boards. I think they will help Liz decide on some potentials! So Liz, this one is for you! (probably one of many posts to come devoted to the new place, yay!)

Mediterranean love

I am so in love with these warm Mediterranean colors... makes me want to get on a plane immediately and head East!

MADE show

Yesterday was a crazy day. Lots of things happening which is keeping me very busy! I wanted to let all the Jackson Hole people know that my jewelry is on display at MADE (which is in the gaslight alley) till September 1st, so hurry on over and get some goods! As always, the earrings are at Lily and Company, but head over to MADE to see the store (which just opened in May) and my display (again, very proud). I didn't get any photos of the opening or the final display - a bit crazy around here!

MADE is owned and run by John Frechette who is famous for his "strapped belts", and now this store which carries all handmade work by 48 different artists from around the country. A unique and fun place to shop - it is a must go to (especially this week!) so head on over and check it out!

Hipstamatic & Maine

We got back from Maine yesterday & I have to share some photos that I took with the iphone application "Hipstamatic". These lovely ladies have been touting its greatness for awhile now, and when my sister seconded their opinion - I finally got it. How much fun it is - it takes such cool photos! Anyway, we stayed at this amazing place in Camden Maine with my whole family, so these photos give a glimpse at this wonderful area. I plan on returning as soon as possible!

creamy whites

I am a total plain jane neutral girl when it comes to my style, so these pictures of creamy whites make me smile.

I am going to Maine tomorrow, and will not be around till next Tuesday (not that it really matters since I have been blog 'neglecting' so much lately)... but, I wanted to thank you all for hanging in there with me!

Snorkeling the Snake

Yup, we did it. Good ol' Hoke family fun. I am really behind on posting these, as I was going to do a bunch of other activity photos, but now I have waited so long that I might as well just throw these up. So, we are super lucky to have the Snake River in our backyard. My {uber adventurous, slightly crazy, enthusiastic} brother convinced my father (who hates cold water more than anything) to partake in this adventure. Goal: float from our house to a bridge about 1 hour down the river without freezing, getting sucked into strainers, see a ton of fish, and generally surprise/perplex each and every boater we pass. mission accomplished! My sissy decided to tube it (our usual method of doing the float) - which at about 40 minutes looked extremely inviting as I was shaking like a leaf I was so cold!
And we were off! Here are some other adventures we have taken down our beloved river: Hammock boating, huge group floating, and winter floating - some think we are a bit crazy - but us Jackson locals have mastered the art of creative floating, and we are lucky to get these opportunities!
River tube = $30.00 Straw hat = $15.00 getting to wear the hot pink and neon blue henderson = priceless
brr... I could only post one of these cold photos!
Anyway, hope you are having a lovely Monday

Comfy cozy

Gray skies outside makes me want to crawl back into bed... preferably... one of these.

Still working on collecting photos from the past couple weeks activities to share with you all...

Thanks for sticking with me during my sporadic summer posts...