goal: calligraphy

If you remember, I had a resolution to learn calligraphy, and I am actually sticking to it! I got to take a class at Alt, and it ignited my passion for it & made me really want to stick with the resolution! I have been practicing every day since I got home (total of three days so far, wee) & thought I would practice with some packages I was sending out.
If you close one eye and squint the other - it doesn't look half bad! I am determined to learn this, so get ready for future posts that document my progress.

This is also a disclaimer to the recipients of these packages - no, I am absolutely no professional - you are my guinea pigs for practice!

My alt summary

So, by now there are amazing recaps of Alt Summit, so in order to try and not repeat, I thought I would point out some of the lesser talked about (but still significant in my book) points!

 The photos above are from the Kate Spade/Girls with Glasses party by angela and ithyle

1. The People (actually everyone has talked about the fabulous group of people at this summit, but I must reiterate): Oh.my. there some wonderful ladies there. I met only a fraction, but the ones I met sure were amazing. I urge you to take a look at their own sites (I hope I didn't forget anyone - if I did, I apologize!):

Rachel of Raenovate
Lillian of Unstiched
Janie of Janie Hearts

2. The business cards: of course at a conference like this you would expect fabulous cards, but I was blown away. the details, the time and creativity in each card amazed me. nicely done everyone!
3. The goodies: I am sure you have seen the fun tin lunch boxes we got - but what was in them? Here is a peek at the goodness + the other goodies from the Kate Spade & GWG.com mini party giveaway bags...
glasses, chocolate, mini book, hair holder & a great discount to Kate Spade, oh my!
letterpress calendar, hand sanitizer, cards, lotion, measuring utensils, oh my!

Of course, the actual summit itself was amazing, and if there are any questions regarding anything that happened or things I learned I am more than happy to answer (just leave a comment with your email). I just didn't want to go over the same things that have been so wonderfully recapped elsewhere around the web!

Take a chance!

I am at the alt summit (yay!) and am really happy - I took a chance coming here - I was a little nervous, not sure what to expect, but I am having a fantastic time... meeting wonderful people & learning all sorts of goodies!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer Lopez & gucci

Liz and I just finished watching Ellen (love her), and Jennifer Lopez (also love her) was the guest. She showed these photos from an ad campaign she did for Gucci and I thought both her and her kids were so gorgeous!

I am in SLC for the alt summit (yay!) - super excited for it to begin tomorrow!

Caribbean inspiration


I have been updating my Etsy site (www.padgetthoke.etsy.com) for a little over a week now, but I had to share with you some new pieces that are caribbean inspired. Since I am not planning any trips to the ocean any time soon, I figured making jewelry out of gorgeous turquoises, blues and sea greens would be the next best thing! Some of these are already on Etsy, the others will be uploaded in the next day or so, so check them out!

Also, if you want to stay current on all the jewelry, 'like' my facebook page "padgett hoke" and then you'll be in the loop! happy three day weekend, yay!

New years resolution inspiration

So, we are now a little over a week into the new year; & the big question is... are you sticking to your new years resolution? if you are wavering, maybe you just need to be remembered why you made the resolution you did!

Photos help me stay inspired, so these are resolution inspirations... (these are the most common resolutions, but feel free to insert your own goals!)

1. Resolution: Get in shape (I would like to pull off this outfit)
2. Resolution: Travel more
3. Resolution: learn something new (below is my 'learn something new' resolution!)
4. Resolution: spend more time with family & friends

5. Resolution: get organized
6. Resolution: Eat healthier
7. Resolution: be happy!
I hope these inspire you to stick to those resolutions!

on another note...
& can't wait!! is anyone else??

Sale finds!

I know Christmas time is over, but that also means that there are some sweet deals to be had out there! Check out these sale items that should be snatched up! In clockwise direction...
1. Lululemon Power Prose crop: originally $78.00, now $69.00 (I realize it isn't much, but for lululemon goodies, that isn't too bad for fabulousness)

2. Gap lightweight puffer vest: originally $59.50, now $29.99 - $39.00 depending on color (I have this bad boy in the berry and LOVE it, get tons of compliments... I am thinking about getting a second one!)

3. Gap Suede tote: originally $98.00, now $67.99, love the color, good transitional piece for spring/summer.

4. Aldo shoes Cicali boots: originally $170.00, now $83.99. My favorite boots are Aldo, so I suspect these would be just as fabulous

5. Anthropologie Tea and Biscuits scarf: originally $28.00, now $19.95. Love the short scarf, not nearly as bulky but still just as warm.

6. Anthropologie Sequin Beanie: originally $68.00, now $39.95. Not quite sure why, but it reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw (SJP)...

Have you gotten any great finds out there from the post holiday sales?!

more Jackson winter shots

It is winter here in Jackson, for sure! For the past couple days we have been in a cold freeze - meaning no temp above about 5 degrees... I played broomball the other night and it was -9 degrees, by the time I got home it was -20. yikes!
It sure is beautiful though! snapped these shots when I went to drop off some things at my friends house - it was just so pretty out! beware, there might be many many more winter shots to come, for some reason I am just really soaking up the beauty of my hometown this winter!

On another note - I have added quite a few new things to my Etsy site - so hurry on over and check out the new goodies! And, to my new followers - hello! what a happy surprise to see so many new faces over on my 'friends' sidebar, yipee! lets keep this up!

Happy New Year!

but first, lets recap on this past year!

. was fortunate enough to get the chance to travel to San Francisco, San Diego, Salt Lake, New York City, Las Vegas, Houston, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou
. Participated in a couple art fairs & jewelry shows (exciting!) and had a number of successful trunk shows, and added a store that carries my jewels (Brenda's Gallery and Gift) to my one existing store - my true love Lily and Co (if anyone has a store that padgett hoke jewelry might sell well at - let me know!) 
. had a frustrating, but ultimately rewarding year in real estate
. many outdoor adventures including hikes, bikes, camping, floating, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, long walks, beach runs, and of course we snorkeled the snake!
. participated in the .very.beautiful.wedding. of Virginia and Cramer
. had the most wonderful holiday season. I love my friends. I love my family. I am one very lucky girl!
. growing 'padgetthoke.com' to be one lovely site. I couldn't do this without everyone's support & I hope to continue spreading loveliness throughout the coming year! I have created a facebook page (padgett hoke) so find me & like me!

Thank you again, much love!