more Jackson winter shots

It is winter here in Jackson, for sure! For the past couple days we have been in a cold freeze - meaning no temp above about 5 degrees... I played broomball the other night and it was -9 degrees, by the time I got home it was -20. yikes!
It sure is beautiful though! snapped these shots when I went to drop off some things at my friends house - it was just so pretty out! beware, there might be many many more winter shots to come, for some reason I am just really soaking up the beauty of my hometown this winter!

On another note - I have added quite a few new things to my Etsy site - so hurry on over and check out the new goodies! And, to my new followers - hello! what a happy surprise to see so many new faces over on my 'friends' sidebar, yipee! lets keep this up!


Morgan said...

I'm sure it's beautiful but I can not handle that cold!! ahhhh!

Ms. Givens said...

We just have cold, no pretty snow yet.
We get wonderful sunsets and sunrises here as well.

Katie said...

Those pictures are awesome! I was listening to the weather channel the other day and they were talking about Jackson Hole... immediately thought of you and all that snow! Have a great day!!

Resi Stiegler said...

Did you get a new camera! The shots are sooooo cool! Can't wait to get home!

Jen said...

Look at those colors in the sky... GORGEOUS!!

Happy Thursday Dear!

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