New years resolution inspiration

So, we are now a little over a week into the new year; & the big question is... are you sticking to your new years resolution? if you are wavering, maybe you just need to be remembered why you made the resolution you did!

Photos help me stay inspired, so these are resolution inspirations... (these are the most common resolutions, but feel free to insert your own goals!)

1. Resolution: Get in shape (I would like to pull off this outfit)
2. Resolution: Travel more
3. Resolution: learn something new (below is my 'learn something new' resolution!)
4. Resolution: spend more time with family & friends

5. Resolution: get organized
6. Resolution: Eat healthier
7. Resolution: be happy!
I hope these inspire you to stick to those resolutions!

on another note...
& can't wait!! is anyone else??


KC said...

i hope you have the BEST time at ALT. I am super jealous and would love to go. You'll have to give a full report when you get back :)

Morgan said...

Love your resolutions!

Felicia said...

The picture of the salad is inspirational... might have to make it this week.

Ms. Givens said...

I am attempting to eat healthier.

Liz Hoke said...

Get organized... are you kidding me You are the most organized person I know!
Yahooo I get to see you next week!

resi Stiegler said...

I second the most organized. I think you have accomplished all your resolutions! Maybe we could hang out more! lol love the pictures!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

You are going to Alt?! Ahh so jealous....
Great resolutions! I love the New Year for the opportunity to start fresh!

Sarah Jane said...

i need to get in shape too!!!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...


You could TOTALLY pull off that first outfit. You should have worn it to Alt.

As for the healthy eating, that was a bit impossible this weekend, wasn't it? I told them I wanted to be in charge of the food next year.