Sale finds!

I know Christmas time is over, but that also means that there are some sweet deals to be had out there! Check out these sale items that should be snatched up! In clockwise direction...
1. Lululemon Power Prose crop: originally $78.00, now $69.00 (I realize it isn't much, but for lululemon goodies, that isn't too bad for fabulousness)

2. Gap lightweight puffer vest: originally $59.50, now $29.99 - $39.00 depending on color (I have this bad boy in the berry and LOVE it, get tons of compliments... I am thinking about getting a second one!)

3. Gap Suede tote: originally $98.00, now $67.99, love the color, good transitional piece for spring/summer.

4. Aldo shoes Cicali boots: originally $170.00, now $83.99. My favorite boots are Aldo, so I suspect these would be just as fabulous

5. Anthropologie Tea and Biscuits scarf: originally $28.00, now $19.95. Love the short scarf, not nearly as bulky but still just as warm.

6. Anthropologie Sequin Beanie: originally $68.00, now $39.95. Not quite sure why, but it reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw (SJP)...

Have you gotten any great finds out there from the post holiday sales?!


Becky said...

Love the Gap puffer vest! Was a great Christmas present from you and Liz. Should you return for full price and get one on sale!?

Dree said...

Um, how did I not find your blog before? I love it! I can't wait to read more. Those boots and the puffer vest are to die for!