DIY chandelier

So, I got the idea for this craft project here. My chandelier ended up having a bit more draping 
happening, which I like & I wanted it to be bright blue/turquoise. I made some alterations to her great instructions, and am very pleased with how this turned out! I will say that it took me much longer than I anticipated, and if I were to commit a crime, I would absolutely get away with it as the hot glue gun stole my finger prints and left blisters in their place... yoouch!

I think the grand total for this project was about $25.00. All the supplies were easy to come by and the only thing you need really is patience.
I bought the beads at the dollar store, the hanging planter form and paint from the hardware store, and I already had the glue gun.
The beads came in a bundle of 8 for $1.00 in gold and silver, so I bought 10 packs my first run and had to go back and buy 5 more packs to finish it off. I also had to buy an additional spray paint for the second batch of necklaces and for a final once over once the chandelier was finished.

So first you need to paint the beads, both sides as well as possible. Depending on the color of beads and the color that you would like them to be it might take one or two more coats of paint to get them the color you want. The silver beads took the color way better than the gold, but in the end I sort of like how the gold shows through a bit, or maybe that is just laziness speaking, I don't know!
I turned a sturdy lamp horizontal and layed it across two of my chairs to hang the planter up so I could comfortable sit and work. Once everything was painted (including the planter hanger) I tried one method and then ended up switching to a different method. You will want to break the necklaces apart at the seam, it's where two of the beads are 'fused' together & very easy to break apart. Also, I took the three chains that hold the planter basket and gathered them at the base so that when the beads were draped the chain wouldn't be as visible. Do this first though, as it makes the length shorter and you would lose your draping if you did this after you finish.

The first method I went with was to hot glue all the necklaces to the rim of the planter. I went back after I was half way done and gathered the beads and began gluing them to the bottom. Well, I didn't like how that was going so I switched tactics... I began bundling the strands with fishing wire (about 4 or 5) and attached those to the bottom of the basket, then glued them to the middle and finally bundled the top (same 4 or 5 strands) with fishing wire and attached to the top hook... I think the second process ended up being easier. (below was the first process half way)

After numerous breaks I finally finished it. I did a final spray down to make it look cohesive. I am very pleased with the final product! 
Give it a try! And, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
all images are mine!


KC said...

this is amazing! perfect for a party/wedding!

Little Pink Rain Boots said...

It's so pretty I'd love to try this in my bathroom.


Jackie said...

You tried it!! I saw the tutorial and though it was the coolest thing. Yours turned out amazing-love the pale blue color you chose.


four words...OH NO YOU DIDN'T!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Padgett, you're a genius! This is seriously a statement chandelier. I can see it being the topic of many conversations. Love that drama (and the blue)!

{lovely little things} said...

Wow, that's so cool!! Impressive, and I love the color!!

elissa @ faucethead said...

love it! i think the color is divine in this space.

Ms. Givens said...

How cool! I am simply amazed! Love it!

Kellie Collis said...

Great tutorial! The chandelier looks gorgeous! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

Pinecone said...

This turned out so pretty. Love the color!! Might have to give this a try.
I just found you from raenovate...and I'm glad I did...I am your newest follower!

Melissa said...

Padgett, I love how your chandelier turned out! It looks fabulous!!

Samantha Kay said...

I can't believe you made that- more crafts, more crafts!