Tote bags

First off, your comments on the baby moose photos cracked me up, thank you for leaving those, they seriously made my week! Because I grew up here in Jackson, these animals are so common to me (saw a couple moose this morning on my run) that I never even thought they would be something new! Well, now I know I need to share the other animals that are always around. For those wondering (Erin) here is what the adult moose look like!

Anyway, each of these bags are simple, cute and versatile. If I didn't own a bundle of baggies I would be getting one of these!
Found on DesignSponge - this is a DIY. I might try and do it... stay tuned. It requires sewing, so don't hold your breath that this one will actually happen.

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M.M.E. said...

Ooh, I love buying totes for the summer. Great picks! I've been eyeing the new Jess LC ones.