'homemade doughnuts'

First - the photo is not from my batch - these are much prettier! However, mine might not have been as pretty, but they sure were delicious. and dangerously easy. sort of a bad combination.

Here's the scoop - all you need really is a couple things. some biscuits in a tube - don't use flakey kind - apparently it soaks up the oil. second crucial ingredient: oil. and of course your topping of choice. I did three varieties: nutella, glazed (powdered sugar and water) and cinnamon sugar.

Either cut out the center of the biscuit, or use something to pop the center out. Feel free to just do doughnuts holes, or a combo of holes and the real deal.

Anyway, heat the oil, pop the uncooked biscuits in the oil, let er cook and throw on your topping. Crazy delicious & ridiculously easy!

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Clare Christine said...

Yummy! I posted a recipe for doughnuts last week. Hope all is well Padgett, Happy Monday!!
Twirling Clare