Rustic Accessories

I love that antlers have recently gained popularity. Born and raised in Jackson Hole, there is certainly no lack of antlers at our disposal, as seen here by our iconic Antler Arches that surround the town square & the National Elk Refuge that is one minute from town.
Here are some accessories that are inspired by that rustic antler look.
Billy Button Arrangement - Etsy / Coasters - Terrain / Antler - Lazy Susan
Birch containers - Save on Crafts / Sheepskin rug - Overland Outfitters
In addition, a good family friend Robert Denning, and his partners launched Westward Leaning, a company that "makes sunglasses that celebrate human achievement by incorporating unique materials specific to that moment, place & time." One of their designs celebrate Teddy Roosevelt, who advocated more than any other president for the conservation of America's natural beauty. These particular sunglasses feature antler from the National Elk Refuge located here in Wyoming. I highly recommend a trip over to their site!


Clare Christine said...

I love the antlers in Jackson Hole. We saw them when we visited a few years ago, it was the summer so they weren't lit up...but you captured a beautiful picture! I especially love all of the interior decorations you selected! I hope you are having a wonderful week and Happy Wednesday!! Be sure to stop by my blog and take a peak at the redesign.
Twirling Clare

Michelle said...

I am from Oklahoma and the hubs does quite a bit of hunting so I am right there with you! So glad they are having a moment :)

Lindsey | pinklet and c said...

I love this! I'm sure my byofriend would be thrilled if I incorporated some of this into our decor. We do already have some driftwood, which has a similiar vibe. I'm loving those birch containers! Very cool! I've never been to Jackson Hole, but I'm dying to. Thanks for some insight into the town!