Home from the city

Sadly, I didn't end up taking many photos. We were too busy eating, relaxing and laughing. I had some really fun runs through Central Park around the lake, and couldn't get enough of the blooming trees! We dined at some amazing places: The Little Owl - so delicious, cozy and cute - I highly recommend the asparagus risotto. Peels - yummy lunch outside with seasoned tasty fries. Stanton Social - food was amazing, the 'corndog' crab cakes were oh so delicious as well as the donuts. Agave - a breakfast quesadilla for brunch and delicious guac. wichcraft - highly recommend for lunch - soup and grilled cheese was delish! We of course also had yummy sushi, pizza and cupcakes... I could go on and on... did some good shopping - got inspired at ABC Home and Fishs Eddy plus many many more!

My lovey Emily has a fabulous apartment and was so generous to let our friend Shannon and I crash there for the weekend - she was the best host and it is always so sad to leave.

The family will be back there in May - so it wasn't too hard to leave knowing our next visit would be sooner rather than later!


Lindsey Anne | pinklet and c said...

Yum, Stanton Social is one of my favorite places!

Great pictures!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

All those places sound divine - what a great trip!

Katie said...

LOVE the pictures you did post and it sounds like you had a great time :)