Sette Neckwear & Chester Pink

I have never taken much of an interest in men's neckwear, but with my cousin Peter's new venture "Sette Neckwear" I have suddenly become much more interested. According to his website "A sette is the absolute finest necktie in the world thanks to its exquisite finish and pure silk interior, classically crafted". If you need a special gift for the gentlemen in your life (Father's day will be here before we know it!), consider these beauties as you will never find such a timeless, elegant and thoughtful gift.
Photos from Sette Neckwear
Another acquaintance & brother of my former boss Sarajane, Chet Cannon, who you also may remember from the Real World New York began a company called "Chester Pink". His bow ties and wild rags are fun, playful and have made me seriously consider a need for a wild rag! Check out Chester Pink for your accessorizing needs!
All photos from Chester Pink
Congrats to both Chet and Peter on their respective companies!


Lexi said...

I love that last picture - a really great use of the menswear pieces! So preppy!
♡ Lexi
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Jo said...

Wow these are so colourful I really like them. I've just found your blog so reading for the first time - it's lovely!

The Brides' Maid said...

These would be PERFECT for a wedding that I'm doing right now. Thanks for the post!

Lady Preppy said...

Love the colours. Going to buy one of those for a gent I know. You have a super blog!

Have a smashing weekend

xx Lady Preppy