bon voyage!

Tomorrow my family is headed to New York to celebrate my brother Bland's graduation from Parsons with a MFA in Transdisciplinary design (I will so enjoy not having to try and explain what that means, I am sure he feels the same!). Pretty impressed with him. He is on a mission to make those pesky New York sidewalk sheds a more beautiful, artful area. Click here for more info!
From New York my sister Liz, our cousin Hannah and I are headed to London to visit our other cousin William and his bride Paige. Oh, and of course do some William and Kate stalking. naturally.
Last, but certainly not least we will be in Paris for a few days before returning back to the states. Not a bad schedule if I say so myself! I will hopefully be posting photos on my Instagram, so if you feel like checking in, my username is "padgetthoke". Talk soon!
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Meagan Murtagh said...

Have an amazing time!!! Cocktails when you return!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

New York, London, and Paris?? What a dream! Have a fantastic time, Padgett!


girlllll i didn't know that you were going to london and paris too! i studied abroad in london, it's my favorite city in the world. call me if you have a free second in NYC, i can try and pop up. XOXO

His Little Lady said...

so very jealous of your paris excursions! it is a dream of mine!!
xo TJ

julie watkins said...

I know you are having a great time! I'm looking forward to your photos!