time to relax!

Last week was a big week. a tiring week. an exciting week. sort of a bit of everything week.
Real Estate class Monday through Thursday. 8 - 10  hours a day. No fun.
5:00am morning runs to prepare for the Half Maraton.
Flew to Salt Lake early Friday morning.
Took the Real Estate Brokers Exam and PASSED! Graduated from Salesman to Broker, a Huge relief after studying my buns off!
Celebration dinner for Liz's graduation!
Ran in the Provo Half Marathon with Liz and her friend Marisol, after having slept about 20 minutes the night before. my mind was running it's own Marathon...

Completed the Half Marathon in under 2 hours, yipee!

Inaugural City Creek adventure (we were both a little tired - clearly)
Played "Friends Scene It" for the first time.
Free Yoga class at Lululemon - might be more sore from that than from the run!
Flight home last night & a morning spent sleeping in. phew!

Hopefully I will be back to normal blogging - whatever that may mean! Oh, if you get a chance - I did a little guest post over at The Egg, go on over and check it out. Some tantalizing summer photos will make you happy!


Liz Hoke said...

YES!! It was a great couple of days!! Thank goodness you passed your test and thanks again for running with us!! And yoga funny I will have to tell Denise she did a good job!

Adrianne said...

You've had a lot going on! Congrats on everything - the big test, the big race, and of course the big first trip to City Creek! Sorry to have missed your visit to SLC. PLEASE come again soon! xo