travel essentials

I am so lucky that I get to travel a lot in the next few weeks! I pulled together some of my essential travel items. of course there are so many more, but these seemed important to me right now!
1. Always need a light jacket, as I am perpetually cold. this packs up nice and small. I have had my eye on this particular one & might just have to get it for my trip next week. (a present to myself for passing that test?!)
2. Always need my trusty shades. nuff said.
3. iphone running band. With Ragnar coming up, I will be running wherever I am so this is essential! My favorite app right now? Cyclemeter. I am obsessed.
4. Sneakers. Classic.
5. A good scarf that can serve so many purposes.
6. My kindle - I wouldn't step foot on a plane without it. I love it.

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Leslee said...

i agree with the scarf.. haha its very very useful when traveling.. I always bring one too whenever im out ;)