John Legend

Last week I was asked to assist John Legend & his band on their very quick trip to Jackson Hole for a private concert. It was for an out of town company rewarding their top producers. That is the thing about Jackson - these type of random {amazing} jobs come around all the time - and I am so glad I got asked to help on this one!
Anywho - I spent the day running around doing errands - they obviously saw my sheer talent in picking out the best ivory soap, candles and chicken breast. It was all fun and good during the day, and then it got awesome. Private concert was an understatement, sometimes it felt like there were only ten people there - in a good way. He put on an amazing show, I highly recommend seeing him if you get the chance.

Then, I got to meet the man, and what a nice man he was! It was a good day.


Morgan said...

OMG. I saw the picture from your Instagram and couldn't believe you were so close. Now I know why you lucky lucky girl!!

Meagan Murtagh said...

where did he play and HOW MUCH did that cost!?!?!

Liz Hoke said...

Your lucky your good at picking out the best gum and ginger ale... he he! Yeah sweet experience!

saraannabell said...

Such an AWESOME job for you Padgett, I bet they loved having your help. I cant see anyone more fitting for the job!!