Running essentials

I love to run, and I try and cover about 40 miles a week. I am a slow & steady kinda girl, but I get it done. I have found a few things that keep me going out day after day for my jaunts that I thought I would pass along...
  1. My Podcasts - I rarely go out without my favorite podcasts to keep me entertained - they seriously make the time fly by and I always learn something in the process! Plus, I usually only listen to the podcasts when I run, so it keeps my going so I can listen to more episodes. My favorites? 60 minutes, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Planet Money and my new favorite WNYC'S Radiolab (amazing - thanks to my bro Bland for that introduction!).
  2. The App "Cyclemeter" - keeps tracks & notifies me of my milage, calories, elevations, pace, splits - the list goes on. This little app has changed the way I run, it is amazing!
  3. Obviously a good arm band for my phone that carries said podcasts and cyclemeter.
  4. Fun, colorful workout clothes - Nike, Lululemon (sparingly!) and Forever 21 are my favorite sources for gear.
  5. Sport Shield - this glide stick has been my little toes' savior. I am notorious for the blisters I get, at any given time I probably have 2-3 blisters. too much info? gross I know. Anyway, some of this anti friction magical fluid and I haven't had a blister in months... waa? It's a Christmas miracle.
  6. I exercise in the morning. If I put it off - I think about it and dread it all day till I eventually go. If I have a packed day I just make sure to get up earlier and get it done. I HATE waking up early, but I get up, lace up the shoes and go - no excuses. I never regret it once it's over with!
Anyway, I am sure all the serious runners out there are very aware of these little things, but I just thought I would throw my two cents in!


Liz Hoke said...

Nice! I downloaded your cycle meter yesterday, I am going to miss my Nikeplus for a minute but I am going to try it!

Julie Watkins said...

What a wonderful feeling you must have at the end of the day! Love, Aunt Julie

Meagan Murtagh said...

girl, let's go for a run soon! i'm such a slow poke but i'm training for the chicago marathon and love running buddies!