Wasatch Back recap!

We made it! It only took 39 hours, but the 12 of us ran gleefully through the finish line at 5:30pm marking 192 miles of continuos relay running! It was hot, challenging, beautiful, tiring, exciting, and very memorable. There were some serious mountains that were tackled, dirt roads that were traveled and pavement that was pounded.

I am glad and relieved that it is over, but sad to leave my fellow team members after spending so much wonderful time together. In the race, everyone is so focused at keeping your runner happy, that we laughed later that the basic conversations of jobs, living situations and general well being of each other had never been discussed, because there was no time for that.
We had three sets of sisters and one set of brothers, and of course the entire team were all related somehow or another!
Tibby's Trackstars!
If you ever decide or are asked to be on a Ragnar team with friends or family, I would highly recommend it! Thanks to my amazing cousins' Kent and Maria - Kent is the race director for the Wasatch Back - the head honcho that organized everything, and he did an amazing job of creating a fabulous race - not an easy job whatsoever! He deserves a gold star. Maria was our team captain and did a fantastic job putting our team together and figuring out all the logistics to make us successful in running the race!


Liz Hoke said...

So it was actually 197 miles and the official record says it only took us a little over 34 hours!!! So way better! But I really am ready for the next one and if you look at the Cape Cod course we could totally do it after what we just did!

Meagan Murtagh said...

you are a badass.

julie watkins said...

Thanks, Padgett, for sending the photos. I am really proud of you all and can't imagine how difficult it must have been. What a great family!!