Wasatch Back

I am headed to SLC tomorrow for the original Ragnar, the Wasatch Back. Remember last year when my family all ran in the SoCal Ragnar? Well, same thing, but instead of going from Huntington Beach to Coronodo in California we are going from Logan to Park City in Utah. Quite a few more hills in this bad boy!
*Last years team*
Ragnar is a 192 mile relay race with 12 team mates. Our team is all family, and we are "Tibby's Trackstars" after our wonderful grandmother Tibby Simmons. Each team member runs 3 different legs (all varying milage), and it takes about 30+ hours to finish. Yowza - it is so incredibly fun, painful, tiring, and a crazy memorable experience.

Wish us luck!


Lillibet said...

Glad we have not one but 12 crazies in our family! Good luck one and all. We'll think of you as we fly home, right over you!

Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

this is so neat! good luck!
you guys will dominate :)

becky frisbie said...

I think of all of you as "Tibsters". Good luck to all of you!