Jackson love

 All photos taken by ME, on the iphone
It has been so beautiful in Jackson this summer. like crazy beautiful. I probably say this every year, but wow. Here are just a couple iphone shots over the past few week.

Two quick photos related to the house. I was able to carve my initials into my beautiful concrete slab of a basement - I felt like a little kid at Christmas. that slab is really quite beautiful (didn't think I would ever be saying that). The other photo is my executive council. My contractor Bryan, his father Richard and my dad. See - dad and Richard have worked together on a boatload of projects over my dad's 30 year Real Estate Development career. Now it is time for Bryan and I to get to work! 


Sara said...

LOVE these pics! Needed these on a Monday, looking forward to my trek back to the mountains for August! Congrats on the house, so fun!!

Liz Hoke said...

Oh that is cute... I didn't really put that together until now about you and Bryan! Generational working... cute!!

mes bijoux said...

what lovely pictures! these sunsets are stunning! And congratulations for the new house, although sometimes maybe you wouldn't think that it would finish, it will (I had a stressing experience with mine, but now, once it is done, I couldn't be happier!)
greetings from Barcelona!