Bears float too!

After a lovely paddle board float in Grand Teton National Park - minutes after exiting the water - these three came bobbing down after us. We were not the only ones in the midst of summer fun!
 Getting their float on.
To celebrate we had these + these. yum.
Finally, while I was still slightly comatose, my dad, Bland Romeo Hoke conjured up a very memorable moment. He scouted a spot outside our house, picked a blanket & cushions, had me create a sign & flowers to set the scene for two very special people (E&M). It was pretty amazing. More on that later.
*Update on the below Anthro dress purchase - they cancelled the order on me! They said they were out of stock! A week later! Note the exclamation points, I was a very unhappy customer. Anthro is getting serious negative points for that one*


Liz Hoke said...

MMMMMM I so want one of those Margs!!!! I can't wait!!! And E&M????? What?!?

carlee {deliciously organized} said...

Margis & Nachos! Need!

sws said...

I love that Romeo was involved as well. What a beautiful sky for a beautiful evening!