Wedding weekend!

Wow, this past weekend was gorgeous. Seriously show stopping. L&J were married Saturday at my most favorite place, the Snake River Ranch.

 I have many many good memories of growing up playing at the SRRanch with my best friend Felicia & her family. There is this quaint bridge that crosses Lake Creek that connected the ceremony to the reception. Sam & I giggled as we crossed it because back in High School at a campfire gathering, our night blind friend Ian fell right into the creek. No one was there to escort him over the bridge, so consequently he just walked right off the edge into the flowing creek. We didn't earn any friend points that night, but we still laugh about it today.

 Anywho, the tent was beautiful, food delicious and hurray - the smoke that has invaded the valley cleared for the day! In addition, the band was amazing - they even performed MJ's Thriller dance, I may or may not have screamed in delight. It was a really fun event!
Sam's 1953 truck, Wilma, had a little too much fun at the party & wouldn't start when we were ready to leave. She spent the night on the ranch. That was her joy ride prior to her breakdown.

No worries though, she started right up after a little TLC yesterday morning.

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EM {Pushups with Polish} said...

OMG her dress! beautiful (snake rive ranch is beautiful too!)